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Earn while you learn.

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Study medicine and win while you do it.

Win cash when you study. Yes, you read that right. Analyze real patient cases and compete against medical students and professionals to rise to the top!

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What's DiagnosUs All About?

Practice on thousands of real patient cases

Analyze thousands of cases on a wide range of topics, from auscultation to X-rays.

Compete against other med students & doctors

Dozens of daily contests and challenges where you can test your own knowledge or compete against your peers. 

Win cash prizes when you play

Your opinions contribute to development of innovative medical technology. Get rewarded with cash prizes when you rise to the top!

chest x-rays contest

Contribute to medical AI 

As you get smarter, so does medical AI! We turn your opinions in DiagnosUs into lifesaving technology.

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Here's what other users are saying ...


I can’t express how great this app is. I love looking at all the medical cases and exploring all the different practice cases. I really recommend you download this. And on top off all of that you get paid to do this. 😁 “


“This app is great...And you really do win money! I’m a second year medical student and this app has given me the opportunity to read imaging studies and test my knowledge on various topics. The team is also super responsive and helpful.“


“I am a full time ICU/ER nurse and I am in school for my FNP. The app is really awesome for nurses like me ... You can see what others have interpreted in the images in their comments, they clarify information and elaborate on certain details that help understand the diagnosis.“


“I love the platform you've created. I've applied to go to med school this year and I'm waiting on my decisions but your app makes me feel that little bit closer to my goal! ... I couldn't think of a better way to introduce myself into the world of healthcare.

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