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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is DiagnosUs available for Android?
Help! The app isn't available in my country/showing up on the app store?
Can I play DiagnosUs if I am under 16?
How can I make suggestions for the app?
If I am interested in partnering with DiagnosUs, what is the best way to contact your team?


I just won my first prize! Where do I withdraw?
How do I update my payment method?
Is there a fee for transferring my earnings?
I started a transfer using my bank but the money isn't in my account yet!
I won a contest but my money was not transferred to PayPal/my bank and the transaction bounced back to DiagnosUs. How do I fix this?
My money was transferred to PayPal, but I no longer have access to that account. What should I do?

App Support

No contests are showing up in my app! What’s going on?
Why am I blocked from taking screenshots in the app?

Institutions / Verifications

How do I verify my Doximity credentials?
Why should I add verifications to my DiagnosUs profile?
My institution email domain doesn’t end in .edu. How can I add my institution to the app?
My verified institution name or logo is incorrect. How can I change it?
My institution doesn’t have a dedicated email domain. How can I verify it?


How do I refer a friend?
Where do I redeem a 6-character referral code? 
How to create a support ticket

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